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School Safety

At East Burke Middle School, we take pride in maintaining a safe and secure environment for our students and staff. As a parent/guardian, feeling confident in the safety of your child or children at the school they attend is extremely important. We take proactive steps to ensure the safety of every student and staff member by relying on both proactive and common-sense solutions to protect our schools.

In the morning car-riders will enter the school via the main, front entrance. Bus riders enter the side of the building through both double doors at the bus lot. Both locations are secure and monitored by administration, staff, and the School Resource Officer. At afternoon dismissal, bus riders will exit the building at the same double doors as they entered. Car riders will exit at the double doors near the band room.

Beginning at 8:00am, all visitors will enter the building at our main entrance. The main entrance is a double entry system with security cameras. All visitors must respond to our front office staff, stating their reason for a visit before being buzzed into the building. Once in the building, all visitors are required to enter the front office for guidance and support. A photo I.D. is required when checking out any student. Visitors that will be traveling into the school are required to wear a visitor I.D.

Burke County Public Schools maintains a partnership with the Burke County Sheriff's department, allowing EBMS to have a School Resource Officer on campus at all times. Our SRO also helps monitor after school activities, such as sporting events. In an effort to always be proactive, our SRO completes regular safety checks throughout our campus. These practices include regular audits, security camera updates, and intentional walk-throughs.

Our school is 1:1, ensuring all students have access to a device. The digital safety of our students remains a top priority. Burke County Public Schools maintains a partnership with Google, which allows for many layers of safety to be built into our digital infrastructure.