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About Us

Welcome to East Burke Middle School - Home of the Raiders!


Our school is located in eastern Burke County, just off Interstate 40 at exit 116. We are a rural school serving 670 students in grades 6th - 8th. We receive students from our four feeder elementary schools - George Hildebrand Elementary School, Hildebran Elementary School, Icard Elementary School, and Ray Childers Elementary Schools. Our 8th graders transition to East Burke High School for 9th-12th grade. The staff at East Burke MIddle understands the important role that we play as the bridge between elementary to high school. We embrace rigorous academics, but we also understand that school is about far more. Exploring elective courses and participating in athletics, clubs, and other activities ensure that students are ready for their next exciting learning opportunity.

The East Burke school community has rich traditions that focuses on the life-long success of our children. The success of our students is the shared responsibility of the home, school, and community. The following includes our mission, beliefs, and focus:

  • Our mission is to provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment in which our faculty and staff will work cohesively to educate our students and prepare them to meet academic, personal, and future challenges.
  • We believe in the importance of preparing our students through the use of 21st century skills such as; collaboration, global awareness, and the integration of technology. Our students will emerge as critical thinkers, ready to realize their potential to be outstanding and productive citizens in the community.
  • We understand the importance of ensuring the safety and health for our students and staff.
  • We intentionally plan instruction that supports and challenges each student. We understand the importance of knowing each student’s unique academic, social, and emotional needs.
  • East Burke is fortunate to have many strong partnerships within the local business community. We offer academic courses with a focus on CTE, STEM, and Engineering. Our community partnerships help provide future opportunities for our students professionally.

The Importance of Accountability

We strive to maximize student success, which is why we take the grade we receive on our NC School Report Card (an annual statewide measure of school performance) seriously. Each year we review all data sources and generate our School Improvement Plan, which includes actionable smart goals that focus on growth. This plan is reviewed locally and submitted to the state of North Carolina. Our School Improvement Team meets once a month to review and update our data.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction provides its own "report card" about public schools in North Carolina. Report cards are released annually with a snapshot of each school - including student performance, class size, attendance, school safety, instructional resources, and teacher quality in our schools. Additionally, each school in the state receives a letter grade of A, B, C, D or F.

To assign an overall school performance grade, which is comprised of 80% proficiency and 20% growth, the state uses end-of-grade testing in elementary and middle schools and end-of-course exams plus other indices such as ACT scores, graduation rates, a measure of math rigor, WorkKeys scores, and EL progress. While proficiency demonstrates a student’s performance level in a subject area, growth measures the amount of academic progress a student makes over the course of a year or class.

Personalized learning is essential to each student, ensuring that every student experiences growth regardless of where they are on their educational journey.